The Hunting EP

by Cantharone

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Cantharone's first album, "The Hunting EP" is a concept album about a Werewolf.


released October 31, 2012

We would like to thank Darak Tracy and everyone who made this possible.



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Cantharone Minneapolis, Minnesota

Though going through many changes, Cantharone has never skipped a beat. When faced with challenges, they take them head on and create something new and exciting. They are not a band to pass up. They are an unstoppable force of metal and they are here to stay. ... more


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Track Name: The Hunting
Come men now, assemble.
Form a collective to hunt down the werewolves that killed our men,
who took the the lives of the fallen.
So bear arms and follow.
Seek revenge, take control now.
The massacres will never be witnessed again.

Burn it with fire
Hunt down the beastman.

Bring forth the head of the monster,
a trophy to be claimed in respect to our fallen.
Revenge we shall seek,
seek to regain the power we once had displayed.

Its spotted on the hillside.
In the full moon I can see it.
Glowing eyes making their way through the woods.
Remember the plan to decapitate the creature.

Be brave men.
Wield your weapons with honor.

This time is our finest hour to save ourselves.

The fate of our men lies at the hands of the wolf.
Track Name: BloodSpawn
I’ve lost control of these feelings
The way the flesh tears through my teeth
Quenching my thirst by flesh
Disease, it robs me of my life

Souls collapsing
By the fate of my hands
This is not me

They have become my game
Young children, I can smell your fear, It draws me near
My friends become my victims
Disease, it robs me of my life

Cries for mercy
Battered skulls
Serial butcher
I am this

I live alone in this nightmare
And wonder if this is real or just a dream

Blood reigns down dying faces
One-hundred lives have met their end
What monster has this become of me?
I long to see this nightmare end
Carnage, Slaughter
Massive murder
Jaws shatter, bones shake
Ripped apart, no escape

You will accept your mortal disgrace
Track Name: Curse the Disease
I curse this disease for what it’s done
Left me with broken dreams
And certain death it seems
Control the beast control your mind
Advice that came from within

Advice that came to me you fallen
I am to blame for you
The burden rips my heart
I take this oath to avenge your death
The fate of both sides meet the end

I wake alone inside these cell walls
What have I done last night?
Why am I alone inside these cell walls?
The crimes committed not recalled.
Track Name: Hammer of Thor
Feel the death from above
In the sheltering sky
Hurricane from the gods
Thrown the Hammer of Thor
Drop the devil below
Let the fires burn wild
Turn the ocean tides
As the planets collide

Burn the forests
The ground shakes with wrath
Holding tight
For the end of the world
Shatter Earth’s realm
Holding tight
For the end of the world

Prepare for the apocalypse
Track Name: Prison
I feel the noose fall my neck
In two minutes I shall meet my death
The bell tolls
Justice be served
Drop the switch

Sharp eyes dart pointing me to be the one
Bastard beast from the depths of hell
It’s time now
Justice be served
Save my soul
It’s time now
Wont live to see
This coming attack


I sit inside these cell walls
The darkness there befriends me
I struggle to know just what I’ve done

The hangman takes his place
I wrongfully accused await my last breath
Mere minutes feel like hours
There is no time left to plan my escape
No escape